ing and Greek Prime Minister Kyr

Welcome to Graphitetion.In 2009, a subsidiary of

ne of the fastest growing container terminals in the world.Upon their arrival, Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan, accompanied by th▓e Greek prime minister an

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Shipping Company, also known

d his wife, were warmly welcomed by Ch▓inese and foreign employees waving national

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started managing the Pi

flags of the two▓ countries.Talking with Xi about their work and life, representatives of l

raeus Port
Service 03

's container terminal▓s. In 2016, COSCO acquired a ma

ocal staff exte▓nded heartfelt gratitude to COSCO for providing them with job opportu

jority sta
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Service Four
ke in the port and form▓ally

nities in the most difficult times during the Greek debt crisis.Thanks to the Chinese ▓company, they

took over

its management and

operation.So far, the

now enjoy stable jobs and happy lives, the Greek employees told▓ Xi.With the Piraeus Po

project has created jobs fo

rt becoming an important fruit in jointly building the Belt and Road, the local staff said they

r over 10,000 local people d

feel v▓ery proud and have full confidence in the port's future.Delighted to visit the por

irectly and indirectly, an

t, Xi said▓ that seeing is believing, and that he has seen her▓e today that the China-

d has

built the Piraeus Po

Image 01

proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was not a slogan or tale, but a successful practice an

d brilliant reality.Noting that the BRI upholds the principle of extensive consultation, joint development and shared benefits, Xi said no one makes decisions for others, instead, all participants share responsibilities and benefits in BRI cooperation.China, in its external exchanges, upho

rt into

the largest port in the

Image 02

lds the right approach to justice and interests, said th▓e Chinese president, adding that he is delig

hted to know that COSCO's Piraeus▓ Port project was able to help local people through hard times.Xi called local workers as important participants in and contributors to jointly building the Belt and Road as they have helped the Piraeus Port develop well, and wished them success at work and a happy life.Pleas▓e scan the QR Code to f

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